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Arvada Basement Remodeling

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Arvada Basement Remodeling and Repairs

Basement remodeling usually includes simple, minor cosmetic changes such as drywall and painting. Basement remodeling, may also include replacing a concrete floor with carpet, tile, or hardwood, installing new lighting, swapping some of the furniture, and similar projects. This level of remodeling is ideal if you currently have a furnished, complete basement, but only need a few minor changes to turn it into the space of your dreams. These projects also take much less time and cost less than larger-scale renovations, making it ideal if you are on a tight budget and schedule.

Full Scale Basement Remodeling

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Drywall Repair

Patch or replace old drywall. New Drywall hanging, drywall , finishing, and sanding.


New Painting

Fix that old dull color on the walls of your basement with a fresh new paint job by the Beard Guy Handyman.


Floor Replacement

Basement floors- Patching old concrete , leveling the surface and/or replacing a concrete floor with carpet, tile, or hardwood.

Easy and Affordable Basement Remodeling

A full-scale basement remodel involves completely changing the layout of your space. It may involve adding rooms, knocking down walls, or expanding the layout. If you need a brand new look and layout, or you are completing your unfinished basement, Beard Guy Handyman  is the right path for you. You will be able to enjoy a completely transformed basement that you and your family will love for years to come.

Let us show how modern remodeling services can transform your basement into the man cave or guest area you’ve always dreamed of. We are currently providing affordable basement remodeling to Arvada and surrounding areas.

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